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Server rules

Below is a summary of rules you need to follow if you want to have an account on this server of Mastodon:

  1. No Hate Speech
  2. Do not harass others
  3. CoC: Harm None and Do As You Will
  4. CoC: Be Welcoming
  5. CoC: Think: Is it True?
  6. CoC: tHink: Is it Helpful?
  7. CoC: thInk: Is it Inspiring?
  8. CoC: thiNk: Is it Necessary?
  9. CoC: thinK: Is it Kind?
  10. Image without Alt Text
  11. Sensitive: Food
  12. Sensitive: Eye Contact
  13. Sensitive: Epilepsy
  14. Sensitive: Violent
  15. CW politics
  16. CW trauma
  17. CW mental health
  18. CW tragic events
  19. CW Death or suicide
  20. CW sexually explicit
  21. CW weight loss
  22. CW drug use
  23. No fascists
  24. Notify Admin about #FediBlock (DO NOT FORWARD)
  25. Do not post content that is illegal in the United States or France
  26. Request Emojo in this post for use at Pagan.plus (DO NOT FORWARD)


Pagan+ is a federated ActivityPub social server that offers a space for those interested in spirituality, the occult, witchy stuff, and general good natured fun to share and collaborate, to learn and grow. We welcome all with good intention and banish those that would seek to do others harm of any sort.

Water and Air, Fire and Earth
Bless and cleanse this home and hearth
Drive away all harm and fear
Only good may enter here

A letter from the Admin

Hello cyberspace traveler,

Welcome to my little witchy occult aesthetic corner of the web. I’ve tried to make a space where others interested in spirituality, paganism, and generally off the beaten path ideologies can collaborate and share. My intent is to be the groundskeeper of a shared public space where others can learn and grow while learning from and helping others grow too. (And I kinda like some of the occult aesthetics.) My personal background being what it is as a white male working in the tech sector, I know I have a number of blind spots and unknown unknowns when it comes to some wider societal and cultural experiences. I am trying to keep an open mind and open gates to all. That said, I’m also aware that some aspects of this area have been appropriated, stolen, or co-opted by colonizers and haters, and will do my best to keep these poisonous pests from this garden so it stays a safe and nurturing space.

So, again, welcome and well met friend, join us and grow, and may you receive everything you deserve.


Code of Conduct

  1. Harm None and Do As You Will
  2. Be welcoming
    • We strive to be a community that welcomes and supports people of all backgrounds and identities. This includes, but is not limited to members of any race, ethnicity, culture, national origin, colour, immigration status, social and economic class, educational level, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, age, size, family status, political belief, religion, and mental and physical ability.
    • You must be 18 years or older to make an account on this site 🔞
  3. THINK before you post
    • Is it True?
    • Is it Helpful?
    • Is it Inspiring?
    • Is it Necessary?
    • Is it Kind?
  4. Do not post content that is illegal in the United States.
  5. Hate speech, slurs, derogatory remarks, will not be tolerated.

Content Warnings

Content Warnings (or CW for short) are Subject Headings that people are encouraged to use to tell people if they are talking about a particularly sensitive topic. This may include violence or current events, or food or eye contact (see full guidelines below). This is considered Good Manners™ and each server has their own specifics they might enforce locally. These Subject Lines do not prevent a post from reaching anyone, it is used to tell people about sensitive topics in the post, to hide a very long post, or set up a knock-knock joke. For remote servers, a lack of appropriate content warnings may result in multiple other servers de-federating with them so they do not have to moderate another server’s content.

  1. Sensitive Images: Images should be marked Sensitive if they meet any of the following criteria
    • Selfies or eye contact (this is general mastodon best practice).
    • Food: Images of food should be marked as sensitive
    • Strobing, flashing, or other animated gif types that may be sensitive to those with epilepsy.
    • Sexualy explicit images
    • any content that would fall under the following Content Warning category.
  2. Content Warnings should also be included for the following topics:
    • Mental Health: anxiety, depression, trauma, abuse, etc
    • Current Events: Politics, news, tragic events, etc
    • Drug Use: Cannabis, alcohol, smoking, psychedelics, etc
    • the traumatic circumstances involved when making Requests for aid, payments, frequent advertising of services, etc

For cases of nudity: Breasts are not genitalia and do not need a Sensitive Image flag. However, sexualized or fetish content that only has breasts would still be a sexualized image, and require a Sensitive image flag at least. Images with genitalia should be marked as sensitive.


Posts in violation of our Guidelines or ToS should be reported using the Report button on the post. A note as to why it was reported should be included. This applies for local and federated content. Reporting is a community responsibility as there is zero automatic filtering or curation of public data. Contribute to our community by saying something if you see something.


There are some features you can use to attempt to limit your visibility, but these should not be considered secure by any measure. Staff will do their best to respect your privacy and data, and will not seek out information outside of what is necessary in the fulfillment of their duties of their roles.

That said, the ActivityPub protocol, and Mastodon in general, were not built or designed with privacy at the core. These are social tools intended to enable sharing to many people. What that means for you is that you can expect no level of guaranteed privacy. Not for your posts and Direct Messages, not for your account information, including registration email, IP address, and details you provide. Not from Admin and Staff of this instance or (at present) our hosting providers.


We will do our best to maintain as much uptime as possible and mitigate the chances of data loss and downtime. We will allow for at least 90 days notice of server shutdown. That said, we do not currently control our own hosting environment nor have we obtained backups of data. If you are concerned about loss of data such as your posts, follow and block lists, or account information, you may use the Profile Settings options to make periodic backups of your data. We allow profile exports and redirects at this time, and in most cases will allow 30 days for banned accounts to retrieve their data at the discretion of the staff.

Donations are currently being accepted through LiberaPay in the form of recurring donations and single payments. Payment types supported by Stripe and PayPal are accepted. Our goal is to get enough small recurring donations to cover the month-to-month costs of the server and domain and reduce the administrator's out of pocket costs. Donations are only wanted on a pay-what-you-can-afford basis, and no preasure to contribute is intended.

About ActivityPub, Mastodon, and Hometown

Ah, the technical stuff! Being a computer person by trade, I find some of this stuff really fascinating. Magic can be found in the wires, and sometimes knowing how the Rube Goldberg mouse-trap cluster heck of the internet works is magic in and of itself. Here I’ll offer a brief overview of some of the different aspects and components that make this social space possible.

Basics of ActivityPub

ActivityPub can be thought of, at its most basic, as a new type of email protocol. It allows you and others to send and receive messages and media of various types between different servers online in much the same way as email. It’s format and intended use is as an alternative to other microblogging, social media, and writing platforms and services online. ActivityPub Servers are independently owned and operated by a wide variety of system administrators, with a wide background of values, beliefs, and experiences. Servers are often specialized into niche community interests or topics of focus, and even run different types of software such as Friendica, HubZilla, PeerTube, PixelFed, Plume, Misskey, WriteFreely, and others in addition to Mastodon.
You can check out ActivityPub.Rocks for further technical specifications.

What is Mastodon?

Mastodon is the server side application that first implemented and shaped ActivityPub, and is one of the most widely used software packages for ActivityPub services. The original server, Mastodon.Social, set many trends and norms for the community as a whole in the early days, and other servers have since taken up the torch of dictating norms and acceptable behavior for their own users and others that interact with them. The original Mastodon services included a 500 character post limit(up from Twitter’s 250), and custom emoji or emoticons that could be uploaded by admins to offer a more unique flavor to communications.

You can learn more about Mastodon at the main documentation site, or from Fediverse.Party.

What is Hometown?

Hometown is a fork, or derivative based on the main Mastodon server code. It was developed by Darius Kazemi and others to add features and address issues that have not been added to the main Mastodon services. Some of these features are listed below. Hometown’s main code repository can be found here:
HomeTown @ GitHub

Hometown Features

Local Only Posting

This feature allows you to make a post that stays on the local server and does not federate to the larger fediverse. This may be useful if you’re interested only in the opinions of your peers on your server or have a specific interest and don’t want comments or reactions from the peanut gallery.
You can use this on our server by adding the :local_only: emote to a post, or selecting the chain link icon on the interface to make your post local only.

More privacy features

A number of privacy features and options have been added to further limit access to an account if you choose.

Better content types and more ways to interact

Whereas core Mastodon treats certain types of content metadata as a defacto standard of sharing, Hometown is trying to make more post types specified in the ActivityPub standards guide accessible natively. What this means for you is a better reading experience when coming across different types of posts, and better sharing experiences for your friends and followers. Many of these improvements are still in the discussion and development stages at this time.

Getting Started

So, you’re joining your first fediverse server and want to know where to start. Great! Here are a few great tips!

  1. Write and Introduction post!
    Talking about yourself can be hard, but a post that talks about your interests and what you hope to find on the fediverse and using the #introductions hashtag helps people with similar interests find each other, so use plenty of hashtags in your introduction! You can always re-write it later too.
  • Hashtags!
    • Hashtags are a powerful tool in the fediverse, allowing you to find other posts that use a particular tag, and it helps others find what you’reposting about too! You’ll only see posts that your server has seen though, meaning someone on your server has to have been following or seen the a post with said hashtag for it to show up.
  • Fill out your profile!
    • Having a profile picture that represents ‘you’ can be a factor in if people want to interact with you or assume yours is an inactive account. Filling in your profile description and info fields is important too. (The info fields are free form, so go wild. Many use it to include their pronouns, languages they know, or other interesting or silly info) Many people make a login but don’t fill out their profile and wonder why no one wants to interact with them, but it’s very hard to interact with someone if all you know is their username!
  • Check out the Follow Friday tags or A.Gup.Pe discussion groups.
    • The #FollowFriday or #ff tags are used by people on the fediverse to personally recommend cool accounts to follow. Since there are no algorithms determining what content you see, its important to occasionally tell others about all the cool stuff you’re finding! Additionally, the a.gup.pe bot service works similarly to hashtags, but instead it broadcasts the messages sent to the group to anyone else following that same group. Check out @KitchenWitch@a.gup.pe to see what I mean.
  • Errata

    We will attempt to adhear to the Mastodon Server Conenant to the best of our abilities.

    Creative Commons License
    This Code of Conduct is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

    Moderated servers

    Hometown generally allows you to view content from and interact with users from any other server in the fediverse. These are the exceptions that have been made on this particular server.

    Filtered media

    Media files from these servers will not be processed or stored, and no thumbnails will be displayed, requiring manual click-through to the original file:

    Server Reason
    bers*****.*own hate-speech, alt-right, fascism
    beta.*****.cf twitter, bots
    bir*.****up bots, twitter
    catg***.*ife harassment
    contra*********.club hate-associated, hate-speech
    fer**.**fe inappropriate, underage
    fre****.*yz hate-speech, hate-associated
    gear******.*aus racism, alt-right, anti-lgbtq
    hen***.**by inappropriate, underage
    int***.**nk hate-speech
    letsa*******a.in hate-associated, hate-speech
    libe****.com anti-lgbtq, harassment, racism
    loli***.**cks underage, hate-speech
    maste********.*o.uk alt-right, racism
    mil***.**fe hate-associated, hate-speech, porn, underage
    ob*.*h underage, alt-right, inappropriate
    pis****.io hate-speech
    pkte*****.xyz conspiracy, alt-right
    powere*********e.com alt-right, harassment, hate-associated, hate-speech
    rcso****.net anti-lgbtq, hate-associated, hate-speech
    rdr***.cc hate-speech, anti-lgbtq, harassment, racism
    schwa*******.xyz hate-speech, hate-associated
    scot*.****ork anti-lgbtq, hate-speech
    spr*****.cc alt-right, anti-lgbtq, harassment, racism
    squ**.**ds hate-speech, hate-associated, racism
    stere*******.*pace hate-associated, federates with CSA servers
    tasti*********.net spam, anti-lgbtq
    this******.*ite hate-associated, hate-speech
    truth******.*o.in alt-right
    twt*.**us bots, twitter

    Limited servers

    Posts from these servers will be hidden in public timelines and conversations, and no notifications will be generated from their users interactions, unless you are following them:

    Server Reason
    c.im Unmoderated
    dob**.**wn Hate speach
    iamal***.***ital Badly behaving follow bot
    jorts.horse Trolling and disruptive activities
    lesbian.energy Misskey unmarked language spam
    masto***.*****m.pw Spam
    mastodon.social Insufficient moderation
    mini****.**kyo Language spam, miscomfigured posts
    mis****.cf malformed posts resulting in spam
    newsrelay.org Unmoderated news reposting
    psim**.**rld bot spam
    qoto.org Does not moderate hate speach
    raspberrypi.social Tone deaf support of police surveillance with their products (silance brand)
    sus**.*ki Language spam, miscomfigured poata
    techhub.social Open sign ups resulting in spam accounts

    Suspended servers

    No data from these servers will be processed, stored or exchanged, making any interaction or communication with users from these servers impossible:

    Server Reason
    076.ne.jp https://federater.github.io/076-ne-jp.html
    101010.pl https://federater.github.io/101010-pl.html
    13bells.com https://federater.github.io/13bells-com.html
    1611.social https://federater.github.io/1611-social.html
    4ch**.*cu Hate speach
    5dollah.click https://federater.github.io/5dollah-click.html
    765r*****.com Nazisim
    80percent.social https://federater.github.io/80percent-social.html
    8777.ch https://federater.github.io/8777-ch.html
    abraham.su https://federater.github.io/abraham-su.html
    activitypub-proxy.cf Malicious traffic
    activitypub-troll.cf Malicious traffic
    activitypub.agates.io https://federater.github.io/activitypub-agates-io.html
    aethy.com https://federater.github.io/aethy-com.html
    affiliates.social Spam
    airis.work https://federater.github.io/airis-work.html
    amala.schwartzwelt.xyz https://federater.github.io/amala-schwartzwelt-xyz.html
    ancreport.com https://federater.github.io/ancreport-com.html
    anemoneya.me https://federater.github.io/anemoneya-me.html
    angrytoday.com https://federater.github.io/angrytoday-com.html
    anon-kenkai.com https://federater.github.io/anon-kenkai-com.html
    arachnid.town https://federater.github.io/arachnid-town.html
    arasaka.vip https://federater.github.io/arasaka-vip.html
    archi*********.fun Aggregates and crosses public data
    ariona.fr https://federater.github.io/ariona-fr.html
    asbestos.cafe troll
    asimon.org https://federater.github.io/asimon-org.html
    asphodel.rip https://federater.github.io/asphodel-rip.html
    awscommunity.social Amazon official(?) instance
    bajax.us https://federater.github.io/bajax-us.html
    banepo.st https://federater.github.io/banepo-st.html
    bar***.*et Child Sexual Abuse
    beef*****.*lub Hate speach
    beef*****.win Swastika emojo
    beepboop.ga https://federater.github.io/beepboop-ga.html
    bers*****.*own hate-speech, alt-right, fascism
    beta.*****.cf twitter, bots
    bike****.**rty Hate speach
    bir*.****up bots, twitter
    bitco*********.org hate speech
    blac****.***ial Nazi
    blazingopen.space https://federater.github.io/blazingopen-space.html
    blob.cat https://federater.github.io/blob-cat.html
    bozgor.org https://federater.github.io/bozgor-org.html
    brapbarn.farm https://federater.github.io/brapbarn-farm.html
    breastmilk.club https://federater.github.io/breastmilk-club.html
    brotka.st https://federater.github.io/brotka-st.html
    bubbletea.dev https://federater.github.io/bubbletea-dev.html
    bungle.online Trolling
    cachapa.xyz https://federater.github.io/cachapa-xyz.html
    cafkafk.com https://federater.github.io/cafkafk-com.html
    calobar.club https://federater.github.io/calobar-club.html
    campduffel.social https://federater.github.io/campduffel-social.html
    catg***.*ife harassment
    cawfee.club https://federater.github.io/cawfee-club.html
    celebrity.social Griff
    chud****.lol Hate speach
    ck.treasuredgem.xyz https://federater.github.io/ck-treasuredgem-xyz.html
    clq.im https://federater.github.io/clq-im.html
    club*******.co Harassment
    collapsitarian.io https://federater.github.io/collapsitarian-io.html
    comfyboy.club https://federater.github.io/comfyboy-club.html
    comfysnug.space https://federater.github.io/comfysnug-space.html
    contra*********.club hate-associated, hate-speech
    crid.land https://federater.github.io/crid-land.html
    crlf.ninja https://federater.github.io/crlf-ninja.html
    crowleyclub.com https://federater.github.io/crowleyclub-com.html
    cruc****.**ace Transphobia, ablism
    crucible.world https://federater.github.io/crucible-world.html
    cryptotooter.com https://federater.github.io/cryptotooter-com.html
    cum.camp https://federater.github.io/cum-camp.html
    cum.salon https://federater.github.io/cum-salon.html
    cyberstorm.one https://federater.github.io/cyberstorm-one.html
    d-fe**.****ems Malicious follow bot
    danksquad.org https://federater.github.io/danksquad-org.html
    danrees.me https://federater.github.io/danrees-me.html
    dark-alexandr.net https://federater.github.io/dark-alexandr-net.html
    ddns.net https://federater.github.io/ddns-net.html
    decayable.ink Hate speach
    detro**********.com hate speach
    digitalmarketer.social https://federater.github.io/digitalmarketer-social.html
    djsumdog.com https://federater.github.io/djsumdog-com.html
    dline.xyz https://federater.github.io/dline-xyz.html
    dmgd.monster https://federater.github.io/dmgd-monster.html
    dotsod.com https://federater.github.io/dotsod-com.html
    duti.tech https://federater.github.io/duti-tech.html
    eatthebugs.social https://federater.github.io/eatthebugs-social.html
    eeeeeeeee.eu https://federater.github.io/eeeeeeeee-eu.html
    eie****.*rg Troll
    elementality.org https://federater.github.io/elementality-org.html
    enes.lv https://federater.github.io/enes-lv.html
    exi***.eu Racism
    expl*****.**rty hate speech
    fans.sonichu.com https://federater.github.io/fans-sonichu-com.html
    fbxl.net https://federater.github.io/fbxl-net.html
    federated.fun https://federater.github.io/federated-fun.html
    fedihams.net https://federater.github.io/fedihams-net.html
    fediverse-lite.com https://federater.github.io/fediverse-lite-com.html
    fediverse.projectftm.com https://federater.github.io/fediverse-projectftm-com.html
    fediversealmanac.com Data scraping
    fediv**********.com Hate speach
    feed.vance.land Spam
    feline.rodeo https://federater.github.io/feline-rodeo.html
    fer**.**fe inappropriate, underage
    fightthis.net https://federater.github.io/fightthis-net.html
    fluf.club https://federater.github.io/fluf-club.html
    foxfam.club https://federater.github.io/foxfam-club.html
    fr13nd5.com https://federater.github.io/fr13nd5-com.html
    freea*******.com Hate speach
    freecu*********t.com hate speach
    freesoftwareextremist.com https://federater.github.io/freesoftwareextremist-com.html
    freespeech.group https://federater.github.io/freespeech-group.html
    freesp************t.com Racism, sexism and transphobia
    frees*********.com Plemora launchpad
    freet*******.com Unmoderated
    freethinkers.lgbt https://federater.github.io/freethinkers-lgbt.html
    freezepeach.online https://federater.github.io/freezepeach-online.html
    fre****.*yz hate-speech, hate-associated
    froth.zone https://federater.github.io/froth-zone.html
    fuwa.pink https://federater.github.io/fuwa-pink.html
    ga*.*i hate speech
    gab.**st Hate speach
    ga*.**m hate speech
    gab.p********.net hate speech
    gamel******.club hate speech
    gamers.exposed https://federater.github.io/gamers-exposed.html
    gay.lesaoras.xyz https://federater.github.io/gay-lesaoras-xyz.html
    gear******.*aus racism, alt-right, anti-lgbtq
    gende*********.xyz transgender hate
    geofront.rocks https://federater.github.io/geofront-rocks.html
    get***.*rg UnCWed
    ghetti.monster https://federater.github.io/ghetti-monster.html
    gigaohm.bio https://federater.github.io/gigaohm-bio.html
    girevik.su https://federater.github.io/girevik-su.html
    glea*******.com Transphobia
    gli***.*rg Transphobia
    glitch.gray.cafe https://federater.github.io/glitch-gray-cafe.html
    glowie.cloud https://federater.github.io/glowie-cloud.html
    glownow.club https://federater.github.io/glownow-club.html
    gnu.moe https://federater.github.io/gnu-moe.html
    gnuhacker.org https://federater.github.io/gnuhacker-org.html
    gorf.pub https://federater.github.io/gorf-pub.html
    gorf.space https://federater.github.io/gorf-space.html
    goy**.*pp Nazism
    goyslop.cafe https://federater.github.io/goyslop-cafe.html
    gravure.club https://federater.github.io/gravure-club.html
    greenboys.club https://federater.github.io/greenboys-club.html
    greenfield.masto.host https://federater.github.io/greenfield-masto-host.html
    guizzyordi.info https://federater.github.io/guizzyordi-info.html
    hand*******.io Hate speach
    hand*******.tk Hate speach
    haskovec.social https://federater.github.io/haskovec-social.html
    hdcraft.xyz https://federater.github.io/hdcraft-xyz.html
    hendrixgames.com https://federater.github.io/hendrixgames-com.html
    hen***.**by inappropriate, underage
    hermit.cafe https://federater.github.io/hermit-cafe.html
    hermitmountain.top https://federater.github.io/hermitmountain-top.html
    hi.moe.tips https://federater.github.io/hi-moe-tips.html
    hidamari.apartments https://federater.github.io/hidamari-apartments.html
    hitchhiker.social https://federater.github.io/hitchhiker-social.html
    homu****.com Child Sexual Abuse
    honkwerx.tech https://federater.github.io/honkwerx-tech.html
    hornyjail.pro https://federater.github.io/hornyjail-pro.html
    https:mostr.pub Hate speach
    https********.club Hate speach
    husk.site https://federater.github.io/husk-site.html
    iamterminally.online https://federater.github.io/iamterminally-online.html
    iddq*.***ial Hate speech and harassment
    ie**.*e Openly federating with instances made for hate speach
    igno******.com :sus:
    ikbenpiraat.nl https://federater.github.io/ikbenpiraat-nl.html
    inferencium.net https://federater.github.io/inferencium-net.html
    initiate.space https://federater.github.io/initiate-space.html
    int***.**nk hate-speech
    isesh.com https://federater.github.io/isesh-com.html
    jir.moe https://federater.github.io/jir-moe.html
    jollyville.net https://federater.github.io/jollyville-net.html
    journa.host Doxing admins, publicizing stalker tools
    justic********.*ocial Hate speach
    jvpiter.net https://federater.github.io/jvpiter-net.html
    kabuki.club https://federater.github.io/kabuki-club.html
    karj******.se Hate speach
    kazar.ma Scraper
    khajiit.tech https://federater.github.io/khajiit-tech.html
    killbox.social https://federater.github.io/killbox-social.html
    kitsunemimi.club https://federater.github.io/kitsunemimi-club.html
    kompost.cz https://federater.github.io/kompost-cz.html
    kurosawa.moe https://federater.github.io/kurosawa-moe.html
    kyaruc.moe https://federater.github.io/kyaruc-moe.html
    lain.com https://federater.github.io/lain-com.html
    lain.gay https://federater.github.io/lain-gay.html
    lain.sh https://federater.github.io/lain-sh.html
    lainchan.gay https://federater.github.io/lainchan-gay.html
    leadslinger.org https://federater.github.io/leadslinger-org.html
    leafposter.club https://federater.github.io/leafposter-club.html
    leftychan.net https://federater.github.io/leftychan-net.html
    letsa*******a.in hate-associated, hate-speech
    lgbtfree.zone https://federater.github.io/lgbtfree-zone.html
    liberal.city https://federater.github.io/liberal-city.html
    libe****.com anti-lgbtq, harassment, racism
    libtar.de https://federater.github.io/libtar-de.html
    lightlyseared.online https://federater.github.io/lightlyseared-online.html
    ligma.pro https://federater.github.io/ligma-pro.html
    like*.***ial Hiver clone
    lizards.live https://federater.github.io/lizards-live.html
    lol*.****te Child Sexual Abuse
    loli***.**cks underage, hate-speech
    lolison.network https://federater.github.io/lolison-network.html
    lolison.top https://federater.github.io/lolison-top.html
    longyap.name.my https://federater.github.io/longyap-name-my.html
    lovesick.social https://federater.github.io/lovesick-social.html
    lovingexpressions.net https://federater.github.io/lovingexpressions-net.html
    ma.fellr.net https://federater.github.io/ma-fellr-net.html
    ma.jameuwu.com https://federater.github.io/ma-jameuwu-com.html
    macsnet.cz https://federater.github.io/macsnet-cz.html
    mahodou.moe https://federater.github.io/mahodou-moe.html
    maladaptive.art https://federater.github.io/maladaptive-art.html
    maneisacutie.club https://federater.github.io/maneisacutie-club.html
    masochi.st https://federater.github.io/masochi-st.html
    maste********.*o.uk alt-right, racism
    mastinator.com Malicious
    mastodon.cloud Unmoderated hate speach, federation with Nazi services
    mastodon.com.pl https://federater.github.io/mastodon-com-pl.html
    mastodon.com.tr cryptospam
    mastodon.la Troll
    mas*****.se allowing anti-abortionists, anti-political correctness, people who have been harassing other users, etc.,
    mastodon.top Spam sign ups
    mastodong.lol https://federater.github.io/mastodong-lol.html
    medi******.org Follow bot
    merovingian.club https://federater.github.io/merovingian-club.html
    midwaytrades.com https://federater.github.io/midwaytrades-com.html
    mil***.**fe hate-associated, hate-speech, porn, underage
    mirr0r.city https://federater.github.io/mirr0r-city.html
    misskey-forkbomb.cf Malicious traffic
    moe.onl https://federater.github.io/moe-onl.html
    mooo.com https://federater.github.io/mooo-com.html
    mostr.pub Hate speach
    mr64.net https://federater.github.io/mr64-net.html
    mrhands.horse https://federater.github.io/mrhands-horse.html
    muh.wang https://federater.github.io/muh-wang.html
    murky.club https://federater.github.io/murky-club.html
    musk******.com Terrible personality cult
    narrativerry.xyz https://federater.github.io/narrativerry-xyz.html
    nateh******.**line Hate speach
    nationaljustice.social https://federater.github.io/nationaljustice-social.html
    neen****.org Hate speach
    negr***.****ale Racism
    newj***.*ity follow bot hub
    newsie.social Allows transphobic content as valid news
    nicec***.***ital Trans hate
    nightshift.social https://federater.github.io/nightshift-social.html
    nikotile.xyz https://federater.github.io/nikotile-xyz.html
    noage*********.com Hate speach
    nobod*******.biz Nazisim
    normie.cafe https://federater.github.io/normie-cafe.html
    ob*.*h underage, alt-right, inappropriate
    office.dtzbts.xyz https://federater.github.io/office-dtzbts-xyz.html
    oti.st https://federater.github.io/oti-st.html
    ouda.space https://federater.github.io/ouda-space.html
    outpoa.st https://federater.github.io/outpoa-st.html
    p.e***.lv Hate speach
    pawl*****.com Hate speach
    paw**.*et Child pornography (lolicon)
    paws.moe https://federater.github.io/paws-moe.html
    pedo.school https://federater.github.io/pedo-school.html
    piev****.net hate speach
    pis****.io hate-speech
    pixificial.xyz https://federater.github.io/pixificial-xyz.html
    pkte*****.xyz conspiracy, alt-right
    pler***.***.us Follow bot
    plus.st https://federater.github.io/plus-st.html
    pmth.us https://federater.github.io/pmth-us.html
    po*.*t hate speach
    polaris-1.work https://federater.github.io/polaris-1-work.html
    poop**.***ial Troll
    portal.0svc.com Spam
    posix.gay https://federater.github.io/posix-gay.html
    post.ebin.club https://federater.github.io/post-ebin-club.html
    poster.place https://federater.github.io/poster-place.html
    posting.lolicon.rocks https://federater.github.io/posting-lolicon-rocks.html
    powere*********e.com alt-right, harassment, hate-associated, hate-speech
    prete*******.biz Child Sexual Abuse
    ps.m0n5t3r.info https://federater.github.io/ps-m0n5t3r-info.html
    psion.co https://federater.github.io/psion-co.html
    queer.hacktivis.me https://federater.github.io/queer-hacktivis-me.html
    rageparty.club https://federater.github.io/rageparty-club.html
    rapefe*******.**twork Rape
    rapemeat.solutions https://federater.github.io/rapemeat-solutions.html
    rap***.**wn rape
    raptor*********ng.io Malicious Advertising
    rar****.ga Security/Privacy threat
    rayci.st https://federater.github.io/rayci-st.html
    rcso****.net anti-lgbtq, hate-associated, hate-speech
    rdr***.cc hate-speech, anti-lgbtq, harassment, racism
    real.dogsex.org https://federater.github.io/real-dogsex-org.html
    rebased.io https://federater.github.io/rebased-io.html
    rebased.network https://federater.github.io/rebased-network.html
    rebased.social https://federater.github.io/rebased-social.html
    redstateliberal.social https://federater.github.io/redstateliberal-social.html
    refusal.llc Csa, animal abuse, hate speach
    refuse2.work https://federater.github.io/refuse2-work.html
    repl.co Malicious traffic
    rojo****.com Trans hate
    ryona.agency https://federater.github.io/ryona-agency.html
    sad.cab https://federater.github.io/sad-cab.html
    sakamoto.gq https://federater.github.io/sakamoto-gq.html
    salastil.com https://federater.github.io/salastil-com.html
    salushnes.solutions https://federater.github.io/salushnes-solutions.html
    satoshishop.de https://federater.github.io/satoshishop-de.html
    schwa*******.xyz hate-speech, hate-associated
    scot*.****ork anti-lgbtq, hate-speech
    sea*.**fe Trans hate
    secretsealing.club https://federater.github.io/secretsealing-club.html
    shigusegubu.club https://federater.github.io/shigusegubu-club.html
    shita******.life Child Sexual Abuse
    shitpost.cloud https://federater.github.io/shitpost-cloud.html
    shitpost.racing https://federater.github.io/shitpost-racing.html
    shit******.*lub UnCWed posts
    shortstackran.ch https://federater.github.io/shortstackran-ch.html
    shota.house https://federater.github.io/shota-house.html
    shouldibuyahorse.com https://federater.github.io/shouldibuyahorse-com.html
    shpposter.club https://federater.github.io/shpposter-club.html
    shrine.moe https://federater.github.io/shrine-moe.html
    silliness.observer Fediblock
    singing.dog https://federater.github.io/singing-dog.html
    skinnyver.se https://federater.github.io/skinnyver-se.html
    skippers-bin.com https://federater.github.io/skippers-bin-com.html
    skorpil.cz Data Scraper
    skyshanty.xyz https://federater.github.io/skyshanty-xyz.html
    slash.cl https://federater.github.io/slash-cl.html
    sleepy.cafe https://federater.github.io/sleepy-cafe.html
    sliek.social https://federater.github.io/sliek-social.html
    smittenkittens.xyz https://federater.github.io/smittenkittens-xyz.html
    snea*.***lin data scraper
    sneed.social https://federater.github.io/sneed-social.html
    sneed.vip https://federater.github.io/sneed-vip.html
    socia*.***.*e.jp Hate speach
    socia*.*******i.de Nazi instance
    social.mykolayiv.dcomm.net.ua Troll
    soci**.**out hate speach
    social.res***************.*echnology Suspicious follow actions
    socialgoblins.club https://federater.github.io/socialgoblins-club.html
    sol***.*om Bitcoin spam
    sperg.city https://federater.github.io/sperg-city.html
    spin****.dev hate speech
    spin****.xyz hate speech
    spook.social https://federater.github.io/spook-social.html
    spr*****.cc alt-right, anti-lgbtq, harassment, racism
    squ**.**ds hate-speech, hate-associated, racism
    st.*k Maliciously suspicious domain and plemora account activity.
    starnix.network https://federater.github.io/starnix-network.html
    stere*******.*pace hate-associated, federates with CSA servers
    stracknet.com https://federater.github.io/stracknet-com.html
    stre*****.net UnCWed content
    super******.club Child Sexual Abuse
    suya.place https://federater.github.io/suya-place.html
    syspxl.xyz Hate speach
    tasti*********.net spam, anti-lgbtq
    taullo.social https://federater.github.io/taullo-social.html
    teci.world https://federater.github.io/teci-world.html
    terr****.**ace Hate speach
    tesaguri.club https://federater.github.io/tesaguri-club.html
    the9thcircle.club https://federater.github.io/the9thcircle-club.html
    thebag.social https://federater.github.io/thebag-social.html
    thec***.*one Nazisim
    thejar.club https://federater.github.io/thejar-club.html
    thisis.mylegendary.quest https://federater.github.io/mylegendary-quest.html
    this******.*ite hate-associated, hate-speech
    tka****.de Hate speach
    tkw.fm https://federater.github.io/tkw-fm.html
    tmed******.io hate speach
    tomo.airen-no-jikken.icu https://federater.github.io/tomo-airen-no-jikken-icu.html
    too*.**ve Nazisim
    troll.cafe https://federater.github.io/troll-cafe.html
    truth******.*o.in alt-right
    trut*******.com Hate speach
    tuusin.misono-ya.info https://federater.github.io/tuusin-misono-ya-info.html
    twitter.com It's Twitter :birdsite:
    twt*.**us bots, twitter
    tyil.nl https://federater.github.io/tyil-nl.html
    ua-fediland.de Bot troll farm
    unbo***.***ial Troll
    ungoverned.social https://federater.github.io/ungoverned-social.html
    urchan.org https://federater.github.io/urchan-org.html
    urspringer.de https://federater.github.io/urspringer-de.html
    valkyrie.world https://federater.github.io/valkyrie-world.html
    vamp***.***ate Child Sexual Abuse
    veenus.art https://federater.github.io/veenus-art.html
    viridianpatriots.com https://federater.github.io/viridianpatriots-com.html
    waifuism.life https://federater.github.io/waifuism-life.html
    we.1being.org https://federater.github.io/we-1being-org.html
    weea***.**ace Child Sexual Abuse
    wer*.****al Federation with hate servers
    whinge.town https://federater.github.io/whinge-town.html
    wideboys.org https://federater.github.io/wideboys-org.html
    winte*****.*r.to Uninvited follow bot from single user instance
    wolfgirl.bar https://federater.github.io/wolfgirl-bar.html
    wolfie.pw https://federater.github.io/wolfie-pw.html
    wreck.rocks https://federater.github.io/wreck-rocks.html
    wx*.**e Child Sexual Abuse
    xaetacore.net https://federater.github.io/xaetacore-net.html
    xenofem.me https://federater.github.io/xenofem-me.html
    xhais.love https://federater.github.io/xhais-love.html
    xmrposter.club https://federater.github.io/xmrposter-club.html
    xn--p1abe3d.xn--80asehdb https://federater.github.io/xn--p1abe3d-xn--80asehdb.html
    yggdr****.**cial Nazisim
    youjo.love https://federater.github.io/youjo-love.html
    you***.**wn Child Sexual Abuse
    z0ne.social https://federater.github.io/z0ne-social.html
    zet***.**ub Nsfw
    zombiecats.run https://federater.github.io/zombiecats-run.html
    zztails.gay https://federater.github.io/zztails-gay.html