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This is also a very empowering and humbling way to consider and . This goes well beyond the "hurhur, don't give the fey your name" trope. Many wield the power in their words in a raw and unrecognized way.
A muttered curse about someone's appearance overheard can ruin someone's day, a thoughtful comment can lift someone up. Rarely will sparks fly from your fingertips, or mystic energy will manifest before your eyes, but that's because the power and magic of words are subtle and can often fail to have an effect or go unheard.

If you've ever felt touched by a book or changed by someone's comment, you've felt this type of magic. Try to speak concensusly to keep the raw power of your words from going a wry.

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:boost_requested: 📚 🔖 :coolwitch:
Starting a thread to share books and reading recommendations for all things pagan, witchy, and occult. Please respond to this post with any titles you'd recommend or want to share, and for visibility. Bonus internet points if you include a summery or start a discussion about the reading materials too! 🤓 :at_ok:

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Last boost: Seriously go look closer at that x-ray view of our galactic center. It’s amazing at all scales.

Remember kids, if they ban a book, it's because they are afraid of what you may learn.

I don't get mad about, I just go find a copy and read it.

Because that is the way.

This has been my take ever since seeing A Midsummer Night's Dream as a kid 🤭

You can hide your followers and follows on Mastodon by going to:

Preferences > Other > Hide your social graph, tick the box and click the "Save Changes" button

You will still be able to see your follows/followers, but they will be hidden from other people.

#MastoTips #Mastodon #FediTips #Fediverse #Privacy

looking for crafters, boost+ 

Anyone know anyone who does leatherworking?

I'm looking to make some modifications to my VR motion capture gear and custom leather is likely going to be the best option.

Work in retail long enough, and you'll eventually realize the rules for dealing with Customers are exactly the same as for dealing with the Fae:

- Avoid eye contact.

- Never reveal your full name.

- Accept nothing They offer to you.

- Never verbally agree or disagree with anything They might happen to say.

- To apologize is to acknowledge a debt owed.

- Under no circumstances are you ever to thank them.

- Remember that They are incapable of reading signs in human languages.

Getting to know my new tarot deconstructed deck. Images ane symbolism simplified, abstracted into simple and flat designs, and with fun colors.

I will blobhaj :blobhaj: every chance I get and you can't stop me

The Earth Mother saw it fit to allow me to awaken...

Excuse me while I make this everyone's problem.

When becomes manipulation, we need to fight it.

@steveajohnson shows us how to avoid being manipulated by:

🪙 Variable rewards
⏳ The 'progress bar' effect
🔥 Streaks
🥊 Competition
🙅🏽‍♀️ Fake community

There needs to be regional weather reports but for people, like this.

"Were expecting rush and grouchy this morning, giving way to weary and distracted by mid afternoon. Chances of frantic and additional rushed mood this evening following the evening commute..."

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A place for serious content to casual interest, discussions, practices, and all things pagan, heathen, and witchy; nature, magic, and self discovery and growth.

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