Birthday Tarot Reading, mh(-/+) 🎂👀 


Have ya ever done yourself a reading, and just... Felt like you got yelled at, dressed down, and called out on every single important thing that's been bothering you lately, to an uncanny level, and then at the same time, the map, compass, and pat on the back you've been begging for thrust into your hands and being told "Go."?


I think I'm going to sit down with a notebook and no distractions for a bit and write some things out for myself 📝

Open to others takes and interpretations as well, and have a slice of cake while your here 🥳🎂🍰🧁

My Reading

Making headway on this. Captured the moment, the intent, and now the work begins

Birthday Tarot Reading, mh(-/+) 🎂👀 

@Crazypedia Happy birthday!

From one Leo to another - This time of year is often so empowering which easily leads to getting too caught up in blind pursuit of one's joys.

This reads to me as a warning of not letting that fiery emotional drive take over too much, listening to that rational conscious reaching out to ensure you're enjoying yourself in a way that isn't "in spite of" anything. We all need and deserve a break from responsibility!

*takes slice* 🍰

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