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New poem by me,
"Ashes to Ashes"

Laid up in bed for days
with the war we've been waging
the 21st century
in all its novel illness
Together in Suffering
in Body, separated—

Sweating out our sins/Broken apart
You moved the couch into the bedroom
to stop the temptation
of eating pagan fruit,
Lapping up the juices
of all my attempts
to make us
complete in imperfection

Instead drinking bitter nectar
of bizarre alienation
Dust to Dust/is our love
just like the
blackened smudges on your cuticles
Ashes to Ashes/Chipping off the
Years of our lives
and selling them in pieces
just to pay rent in the
Prison-Industrial Complex

I'm so proud of you
And you've come so far
But I can't make peace
That I don't own you anymore
and you can't do sit-ups
to fix a broken heart
Yet I can't help but think
about That time you said my eyes looked like sunrises
as you show me your new spreadsheet

Still I wake up
short of breath
T-shirt stuck to my chest
in a cold sweat
Just to check
You made it home again
If there's a way
to let this go
Then I'm praying
for that

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To commemorate the end of the season of transitioning into winter, I have republished some older material on my blog on the The crone goddess of winter!

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I'm Auralite Ravenna or Mage of Aquarius. I'm a Buddhist Celtic pagan witch and former Priestess of the Morrigan. I'm a writer, poet, tarot reader, and astrologer who also dabbles in digital and AI-generated art.

I'm -positive and . I'm a stoner and I talk about drug use and the role of entheogens in my spiritual path.

You can check out some of my work on my Ko-Fi which is my latest centralized home for all my digital art, commissions and writing:
I'm still working on moving some of my older content from my Patreon and Substack (check my linktree)

My pronouns are she/her/it/its. I discuss adult topics and am often horny on main so minors please DNI!

日本路地。The rain falling in the back alleys of Japan is illuminated by paper lanterns and makes you feel like you've stepped into the world of a movie. #gif #scifi #silentsunday #photography

I finally heard an talking to me. Through the cracks between the windows of an old house in the middle of the night, before a big snowstorm. A strange winter wind, creaking, whistling and whispering, like an old woman, or an inquisitive bird.

Every year I try to participate in winter festivities with my Christmas-celebrating friends by sending them the weirdest misinterpretation of their holiday.
I think I just found this year's winner...

<taps the mic>
Is this thing on?
<loud screeching noise>
<flock of crows flying to the skies>
Oh, no wait here we go. Apologies for the screeching, they tend to follow us around. Hi everybody, we've joined the party and this seems like a good place to land. Nice to be here.

Any other pagans who practice without venerating gods/goddesses??

#animist #animism

The #waxingcrescent #Moon 🌛 gives us a peek 🔭 at what is to come...
relating to the intentions you set, or the "seeds" that were planted at the New Moon.
The waxing crescent represents the first growth 🌱 and development of what you have put in motion, that will be illuminated 🔦 at the Full Moon.
As the Moon transitions from #Sagittarius ♐ to #Capricorn ♑...
we shift from imagining future possibilities 🗺️,

Love the fact Eris is depicted as running away in the most hana Barbera style :blobcatlisten:

So this is happening again! I'm a who honours the an inside a syncretic polytheism that also includes and amongst others. I practice , and and also love and I use to honour my gods and also as a hobby. Also a fan of and

I'll follow back anyone who already has a few posts on their page having to do with any of my interests so long as the content being posted related to my interests outweighs political/current events posting/mentions of the birdsite

I want to nap for another 4 hours but my boyfriend passed out as soon as he got home from his night shift (naturally) and is sawing logs in there so loudly right now

Some wisdom from a friend today... sometimes resentment is a response to the pain of the death of a dream. When we project onto each other, and then the projection breaks, sometimes we realize there was no big reason to be together in the first place.

I don't know man as an Aquarius I try really hard not to buy into stereotypes but it's just like hard sometimes

weirdmaxxing, Pride, Buddhism, guns 

@Crazypedia You need to be . You need to be causing journalists to do op-eds on whether you're a dangerous extremist or a harmless person with mental illness. You need to be wearing your philosophy as both fashion statement and performance art. You need to be posting your manifesto on the Internet littered with occult symbolism and hidden messages. You need to be weirdmaxxing.

I have to say, I am still boost shy here at #Mastodon - Simply because of negative experiences from the other "place". I always feel like I may annoy or over-boost - But then I remember, this is how it works here. This is how we support others and find those who interest us. Strange, shifting to a more enjoyable social media platform.

Somebody explain to me why I'm interested in people I have 12H synastry with almost exclusively 😭😭😭 Friendships AND relationships I keep having this problem with only connecting with people with major Cancer placements


I'm a dulcimer maker and musician, a representative of The Nur Ashki Jerrahi Sufi Order, and student of non-dual mystical traditions. I believe in an inclusive world where all people are equal and have the same right to live and thrive as anyone else. We're not there yet by a long shot, so there's a lot of work to do, and I remind myself that the little things we can do for each other are drops that can make a great ocean. And I like to laugh.

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