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Hello, beautiful people ♥

My name is Vesper, otherwise known as Light of Hekate. I specialize in the studies of shadow work and spiritual bypassing within the spiritual and occult spaces. I love astrology, occult philosophy, and witchcraft.

I've been practicing witchcraft for a few years now and continue to learn through experience and studies.

I am a demonolater looking for other demonolaters to chat and learn from, but will never say no to friendships with people on all paths.

You can also follow my other socials:

Many blessings to all :)

Normalize Black people coming to this app being safe to speak their minds. What we bring up might abut internal discomfort and biases that you might hold. That is not the minoritized person’s responsibility, though, to educate you, coddle you, to do the work for you. It is your responsibility to not create yet another space where Black people are marginalized or silenced.
I’ve been calculated about bringing this up and now is the time.💖✊🏽
#Black #BlackPride #Minoritized #Responsibility #unity

loneliness, turkey day 

I always feel weird telling people I live with my mom when I'm 31. I grew up under the impression that anyone over 18 living at home still are "basement dwellers" or "moochers."

My reasoning for being where I am is a long story and it's personal.. it also doesn't matter.

What DOES matter is this fact of me living with her has opened my eyes to how lonely it gets as you get older. It's Turkey Day. My sister and her husband are going to the in-laws' and my uncle decided to go to his son's to see his grandson. Neither of those are bad, but I watched my Leo Venus mother look so sad.

She said to me; i love cooking for my family, but no one's coming. And then she cried, which, in turn, made me cry. I never want her to feel like that and I know there's nothing I can do to help or make it better, but it's just made me realize how lonely getting older is, especially when your family starts to die and your kids get older and move out.

I spent a majority of the day with her. I'm still crying.

Ancient Oil lamp depicting #Hekate lifting her six arms and holding torches in her six hands. The goddess has a lunar crescent on her head and is flanked by two dogs.

The handle is a crescent ornament incised with another crescent.

1st century B.C.–4th century A.D.

Getty Museum, Malibu 83.AQ.377.493

Ah, yes, that New Moon period. I should really get back to recording the moon phases and signs during which Shark Week (as I call it) begins just to see.

I used to do that along with recording the symptoms leading up to and during it to see if there was a pattern in what symptoms I get when because they’re not always the same and sometimes my cramps are worse than other times.

Do any of my uterus/period-having babes record their cycles like that? What have you found doing so? ☺️

Todays random epiphany:
I got a blue Phoenix tattooed on my arm before getting into astrology. I identified heavily with phoenixes and their ability to rise from their own ashes. My reason for making it blue was that blue burns the hottest.

I am a Scorpio Rising conjunct Pluto.
Scorpio’s traditional ruler is Mars.
Blue is a color associated with water, Scorpio’s element.
But let’s also not forget ice burn!

Anyway, enjoy the connections my brain makes 😂💀

I hate finding occult books that are rare or uncommon and are pretty much only attainable if you have $500+ or if you can somehow acquire it in pdf. :blobcatmeltcry:

There's just something about today's energy that just.... gives me life and motivation ♥

ARGH I have so many ideas and things I want to implement into the stuff I post here but I can't say anything about it until it's ready. I'm impatient towards myself!

I know to relax and slow down... I know that's the best way to do it and I'll do it exactly that way, but it is absolute torture to be in the planning and building phase when you want to already be at the finish line so you can get it out into the world :blobbutt:

I'd be a little sad if Twitter goes down because I know a lot of my mutuals have moved on to Instagram or Tumblr instead and I rarely use either of those. However, I also would view this as a fresh new sequel to the book of my life with new friends and connections to be made. Endless possibilities. :blobmelt:

The following thread will be resources and reading material anyone can check out if they're interested in demonolatry.

I will also include some people who I feel should be avoided when learning about this an Satanism due to the beliefs, practices, and actions of the authors. I will not tell anyone you should not read their works, but will, instead, provide sources that give insight as to why I advise others to avoid them.

This will be an ongoing thread as I continue to learn and read things myself. The thread will be CW'd.

I always considered myself to be one with a black heart because of my pessimism, depression, c-ptsd, the shitty things I've done in life, etc., but I realized that's not entirely me because I HAVE helped people and apparently, inspired people...

I think instead of just a black heart, I would describe my heart as more of an... gold sheen obsidian.

My mom has COVID again. Round 3 of: will I also get COVID? Since I live in the same house.

So far, the score is…
Vesper - 2

New research on implicit #racism and educational disparities 

Implicit #racism leads to educational disparities:

In a new study of 100 teachers, they more often thought a math student needed to be tested for #SPED when they saw a screenshot of a Black student explaining their answer rather than a white student (even when the solution was the same).

And the teachers more often thought the student was gifted if the screenshot showed a boy rather than a girl

How did you meet the first deity that approached you? If you approached your first deity, how did it go? I want to hear your stories!!!

Archangel Gabriel was always around, but I don’t remember when he started popping up. He came around with Archangel Michael, both telling me it was for my protection. During this time is when I had the most paranormal experiences.

Lilith, however, was different.

I wanted to work with Artemis. She’d come from time to time with messages like a few other deities did, but she never seemed to want to work with me so I ended up giving up on looking for a deity and focused on studying.

I started reading up on draconic witchcraft and soon after, read a bit about Lilith within some of those books. Small signs started popping up and I had a feeling it was her, but back then, I did not trust my intuition. After the subtle signs and my increasing confusion, I said outright; “listen,
I’m a fucking idiot and am blind. If you’re Lilith and you’re trying to tell me you’re here, you’re going to have to be bluntly obvious.

The following week, I got hit with her name several times and even…. Literally… got hit in the face with one. I didn’t mean that obvious, but it worked and when I finally figured it out, we talked and I have been working with her since as my Matron.


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